It’s hard to believe it has been a full year since Mia Luoshu Harvey took her first steps on U.S. soil! It’s also hard to believe that I haven’t updated this blog in many months now, but it is aptly title, “Journey of Presence,” since we have been very busy being “present” with our family over the last few months.

When I started this blog, it was simply a way to journal our adoption process. I hope that when Mia grows older, she will want to learn more about how Mommy and Daddy journeyed to get her, but even if she doesn’t, it is our story, and I’m glad that I have written it. In the meantime, I have had several adoptive mommas read our blog and find encouragement through it. THAT is purely a God-thing. I had written it for HER, but He decided to use it for so much more than that. As I was talking to another friend, who is considering international adoption after a failed domestic adoption, she was unsure if she should share their story after so much hurt the first time. I tried to encourage her to share, when she is ready. You never know who needs to hear it. You never know the impact you have unless you have something you are willing to GIVE.

The last four months have been full of more “firsts” for Miss Mia. She had her first American Chinese New Year and we educated the boys’ classes at school and went out for authentic Chinese food. We had a few birthday weekends with my sister turning 40 in Charlotte, and then Camden turning 6 and having the family here. She had her first Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and we celebrated our first Gotcha Day anniversary together on April 18th. Plus, Show Hope came and did an update video on our family, which you can see HERE.

If it seems as though there isn’t much to report, that is because this is our family now, and has been for a year! The funny thing is that you would think there are differences, but there isn’t. She is treated the same as her brothers, she is loved the same, and she is OUR daughter, through and through. We have spent the month of April reliving our journey…and John made a beautiful video of our Gotcha Day. You can see it HERE.

Recently, we went on a second honeymoon, courtesy of my company and goals that I had achieved over the last year (a year during which we completed our adoption and transitioned our entire family life). Just like in 2016, John’s mom came to stay with the kids (all three of them this time), and we returned a few days before our 1-year home anniversary. The kids understood that Mommy and Daddy were taking a trip, and that they were not coming. Mia was certain that the trip meant we were bringing home a sister for her. Talk about disappointment! No, baby, just because Mommy and Daddy go on an airplane, it does not mean we are bringing another child home. Taking flights reminded us of the last time we traveled together to bring Mia home. So much has changed. And yet, part of our hearts will forever be in China.

What is next? Well, I would entertain the thought of adopting again, okay, let’s be serious, I have thought and prayed about it many times. Finances, once again, hold us back, like they do so many willing families. My desire with my own business is to fund adoption grants, so even if God does not call us again, I KNOW He is calling me to keep DOING SOMETHING. We have our 1-year home study visit on May 12th, and we still have yet to do re-adoption in the state of Kentucky. Even though we have her social security card changed and I have contacted our insurance, her medical card is still listing her Chinese name. So, little loose ends that have fallen by the wayside because…well, life. We are looking forward to several trips this year, including Pittsburgh, northeast Pennsylvania, Myrtle Beach, Chicago, and Indianapolis.


Mia is very vibrant, full of life, and active little princess. She is appropriately deemed a “three-nager” at this stage, attitude and all. While there are times when she says “you are not my family,” and it breaks our hearts, we know that she knows we are Mommy, Daddy, and brothers. She loves us and we love her. We are not naive enough to think that there will never be any conflict or trials in the future, but we know Who holds that future, and we are raising her in a way that we hope reflects Christ in all things. She absolutely LOVES church, her friends, singing and dancing. Her laugh lights up the room, and you can’t help but fall in love with her.

God is SO GOOD.

If you have ever considered adoption, keep praying. Keep trusting. Even if it feels impossible, with God, ANYTHING is possible! HE will open the doors. HE has the perfect child for your family and YOU are the perfect family for a child. If you are in the waiting, TAKE HEART. Once your child has a face and name, it is SO difficult to wait, but HIS timing is PERFECT. Maybe not always fast, but perfect. If you have just brought your child home and it is scary and hard, KEEP GOING. KEEP LOVING. That child NEEDS you…yes, even imperfect as you are. No parent gets it right all the time. Just keep LOVING. If you have gone through a failed adoption, KEEP HOPING. Sometimes doors shut because there is a better one for you and your family. Without some disappointment, we would not appreciate some of the BEST things in our lives. There is ALWAYS HOPE. Don’t give up. If you are needing financial assistance, check out for adoption grants. Seek out other grant organizations. Apply to them all. In FAITH, do the work to get there. God will provide, but there is work YOU need to do, too. Don’t sit back and wait. FIGHT for that child. If your child is grown and on his/her own, SHARE YOUR STORY. Help other parents in the throws of adoption. Share HOPE. Share LOVE.

1 year ago, our daughter left her home country. She was scared. Confused. Dare I say, traumatized. 1 year later, she is THRIVING, LOVED BEYOND COMPARE, and filled with LIFE.

It’s worth it. Every step. Every signed paper. Every penny saved and given. WORTH IT.
This is LOVE.