5 Months as a Family!


Ok, let’s be honest. We are officially “in a groove.” I feel terrible for not updating this blog, but life is going full force and I haven’t taken the necessary time to document it all! Thankfully, Facebook has been a great outlet for our @dailydoseofcuteness for our #PrincessMia. Our life has absolutely changed for the better with her here!

School had started for the boys before Mia and Owen’s birthdays in August. Now, our weekly routine is Monday grocery shopping and later karate, Tuesday is kind of chill, Wednesday is karate and church, Thursday we stay kinda close to home, and Friday is fun and relaxing family time after school. Saturday mornings I go do a long run and the kiddos hang with Daddy. Sundays are either at our church here in town or out with Daddy in Portsmouth and those evenings are for cuddles and movies a lot of the time!

I know that being in an actual routine helps everyone so much! It has been a blessing for the boys to have their own days apart at school (though they LOVE seeing each other in the hallways or on the playground). Camden is loving Kindergarten, and while Owen has had a rough start to 3rd grade, I almost want to say that he, too, is settling into more of a routine there. Mia and Mommy spend the days together and she is great for playing or coloring solo while I work from home, or “helping” me around the house or joining me in my workout. She does best if we can eat lunch around 11:30am and lay down for a nap at noon, but that doesn’t always happen on time. Mia knows that after lunch is nap, and if she gets a good nap we get to go to school and get her brothers. I think that is her favorite part of the day! The smiles on their faces when the three kiddos see each other just light up that school lobby every day! They are so blessed to have each other!

In late August, we were given a gift of a photo session by a local photographer. It could not have come at a better time as Mia had just turned 3, and Owen had turned 8. I love that she captured our family in such a beautiful way! Thank you Stacy Collier and Collier Photography for this amazing blessing!

So what else is new, post-adoption?

After a few visits with our pediatrician, we felt as though we needed to change to an office that had worked more with international adoptees and was willing to work with our requests concerning Mia’s care. It was a hard decision because we had been with the same provider for many years now, but God made it clear that this was a move that we needed to make for our family. The paperwork took a little while, but we are going to be establishing care this week with our new pediatrician. Mia has turned three years old and it is going to be a process to “catch her up” with vaccinations and everything that most kids her age already have. I doubt that when she enrolls in Kindergarten she will even be up-to-date, but at least we will be in the process of doing so.

I had an initial visit with a First Steps program when we arrived home to see if there was a way to help Mia with learning English, and speech in general. When we had someone come to our house, it was difficult at the time to know if Mia really had a speech delay or if she simply hadn’t learned the English words for things yet. Since she was turning three soon, we decided to hold off on this formal evaluation. At three, the First Steps program is then run through the school system, so she would have to go through the process all over again. So, it’s just another thing I need to check on for her and haven’t gotten to it yet. At this point, I DO feel like Mia would benefit from some speech therapy. She has some stuttering around her words and repeats herself a lot. I know that she understands, but I don’t think she can clearly verbalize what she wants to say. We know her well enough to understand most of what she needs/wants, and other times we smile and nod along, like you do with any toddler learning to talk! I know that this is an area in which we could improve, and it’s on my list of to-dos!

Another thing on my list is to get Mia’s name officially changed for Social Security and all official documentation. When we arrived home, she was granted citizenship and we were able to get her on insurance and everything, but it was all under her Chinese name until we could receive her Certificate of Citizenship. She even was given a Social Security Card in her Chinese name. Well, we received that certificate back in July. Oops. Still haven’t filed it! I used to be on top of the ball with this stuff, and now it has gone to the back burner. Really, the only time that this comes up is with doctor appointments because her insurance is under Luoshu Guo instead of Mia Harvey. It’s just one of those things that I need to do and haven’t yet. When that is filed and her SSN has her English name, then insurance and doctors offices can also officially change her name for their records.

We will be scheduling our 6-month post-placement visit in October! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by! Honestly, those first 2 months were very difficult. I won’t sugar-coat it, but now, she is sleeping so much better and really KNOWS we are her forever family. I’m sure her little personality will abound during that visit!

While September has been a whirlwind, I think it is a GOOD thing that the days have flown by and I barely made mention of her being our daughter 5 months on September 19th. Don’t think that I will ever forget that adoption day. It’s not that I have forgotten anything, it’s more that she is our daughter through and through, and we are doing LIFE together now. It’s been so natural that focusing on specific dates doesn’t phase me anymore. When your baby is born, you track every day, then every week, then every month…some up to 24 months! Then, we celebrate years, birthdays, milestones. I know when we adopted Mia, we tracked our entire journey while in China, every day, every experience, and then the posts became fewer as we settled into family life. That’s OKAY! It doesn’t mean that we love her less, it means that we are busy loving her EVEN MORE with every passing day. Adoption Day will ALWAYS be a special day for our family, because that is what it really is: FAMILY Day. But, if I don’t update every month on that specific date, that’s okay. I will still chronicle everything on social media and my On This Day will remind me of milestones for years to come! 😉

Oh Lord, THANK YOU for our sweet girl. Thank you for answering our prayers that she would BOND with us and that our family would be undeniably UNITED in LOVE. Thank you for our children’s friendships with one another and I pray that they ALWAYS support and encourage each other in their faith, in their work, and in their dreams. Thank You for allowing us to be their parents. We are truly blessed and will forever give You the glory!