Mia Turns 3!

August 9, 2016. Mia Luoshu Harvey turned three years old! This was her very first birthday as a member of our family, and maybe the first time she has had a birthday celebrated ever. She has now been home 3 months and is doing incredibly well.


I am happy to report that most of the time, Mia is sleeping through the night. We have the occasional potty time in the middle of the night (but no accidents), and she still rolls out of her toddler bed on a regular basis, but overall, she is doing very well. We have gotten away from formula completely and now warm up a cup of half skim milk and half water in the mornings.

We have spent a lot this third month going swimming, playing outside, and enjoying life together as a family.

Our family has definitely settled into a groove. The boys enjoy helping their sister with different things, and they also need a break from her, from time to time. Camden and Mia can be QUITE the mischievous pair! I have caught them head to toe in mud, and then another day they packed their bags and started watching movies together in the car (the car had no keys in it and was not on). They definitely keep me on my toes! They all have their moments, but when we say prayers at bedtime and they give each other big hugs and kisses, I know this is right where we are meant to be.


Owen is thrilled to be going back to school this week and “getting away” from everyone. He is entering third grade. Seems unreal to me! Camden is going into Kindergarten (all day, every day), and seems a little apprehensive, but he really loves school, so I’m excited to see how he grows this year. Mia will be home with Momma all day and might be able to enter preschool early next school year (birthday cut off is August 1st). I am looking forward to this time with her and the time the boys will be busy and learning at school.


In the morning of her birthday, Mia came in and slept with me in bed until 9am. This was probably the best present! When her brothers came in, they sang “Happy Birthday” to her and she was really excited for that. I can’t really put into words how I feel on this day. It is surreal that our daughter has never had a family celebration on her birthday. I am overjoyed to know that God has entrusted her to us and WE are the blessed ones to celebrate her, on her birthday and forever!


Before we could go out to birthday dinner, we had to stop by the elementary school to have the boys meet their teachers during Open House. I had been saving a birthday dress for Mia to wear, and she got lunch all over it, so I did a load of laundry to make sure she could wear it for dinner! It was so fun to listen to all the “Happy Birthday” greetings to her as we walked through the school. It reminded me that we still have so many friends in the community cheering us on and praying for us.


Then, we went on to dinner and Mia was able to enjoy a big dessert, even though she wasn’t sure about the hat! On the kids’ actual birth days, we typically allow them to pick a restaurant for dinner, since any kind of birthday party would be on a weekend. While most of Mia’s day was pretty ordinary, we gave her the same option of dinner choice. After much discussion, Mia decided on Tres Hermanos. I laughed because our Chinese daughter chose a Mexican restaurant for her first birthday as an American! 🙂

So, this birthday was pretty low-key, but I think it was appropriate for our princess. She doesn’t understand big birthday parties, but seems to enjoy the idea of cake, presents, and singing. This weekend, we are looking forward to some time with our family and having a small party here for her and Owen (his birthday is August 15th, and he is actually pretty excited to share a party with his sister).

As we enter in a new school year, we ask for your prayers as we once again transition. I think it will be a little difficult for Mia to lose her playmates during the day. Every new season of change can be a bit daunting. Thank you all for your continued support and love. We are so blessed and grateful for our now THREE-YEAR-OLD Princess Mia!


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