New Everything!

This week has been absolutely wonderful and crazy all at the same time. We got in at 2am Monday morning and I feel like things just never stop! Here are some things we have seen with Mia:13112675_10153468922271781_951681766_o

  • She loves her brothers. Gives them hugs and kisses daily.
  • Mia loves music and to DANCE. This girl can break it down!
  • Mia still LOVES Baba (Daddy). She cries when he has to go to work.
  • She really enjoys her dollhouse, baby dolls, legos, cars, crayons/markers to draw, transferring items and lining things up.
  • We are working on eating different foods. The girl LOVES her carbs! Then again, that is about all we had in China. Somethings she will eat one day and not the next and vice versa. It’s all trial and error.
  • Things she LIKES to eat are: scrambled eggs, grilled chicken tenders, yogurt (usually), apples, bananas, mandarin oranges, raisins, bread, chips, dry cereal, rice, warm water.
  • She still drinks formula in a sippy cup after she wakes up and about half of the time after nap. We are planning to get rid of the naptime one soon. Regular milk makes her sick, though she is not lactose intolerant.
  • Mia still has a stubborn temper at times, but is having fewer tantrums. This is the time when language is hard. The idea of WHY something is not okay is foreign to her.
  • She sleeps HARD, but wakes up often. Once she settles in, she sleeps very hard, but moves around violently in her sleep, causing her to fall out of her toddler bed on a regular basis. There is an extra mattress on the one side and blankets on the other, so she is safe, but she frequently wakes up. She does not want to start sleeping anywhere BUT her bed.
  • This girl has a contagious laugh and smile that makes everyone fall in love.13161606_10153468921331781_1545234244_o
  • She understands the idea of “stranger danger” and is very shy with new people.
  • Mia is adjusting beautifully to her 5-point harness car seat! She has not complained about it at all.
  • While we still don’t speak the same language, with lots of love and patience, it is coming. I truly believe that she understands almost everything we are saying.
  • She parrot-talks back to us, and it is adorable. I’ll say, “Mama loves you.” She’ll say, “Mama loves you!”
  • We have seen very little difference in Owen, because he is already a good big brother, but Camden has a love/hate relationship with his little sister right now. Lots of crying and frustration from him this week, but he will also give her hugs and kisses on HIS terms.


On Monday and Tuesday, we spent the days at home as a family of five. The boys cried hard about not wanting to go to school, so we said okay, one more day. It was very good for us all to have that time, and Mom and Dad were still very much jet-lagged. Monday night, I had to take Owen and Camden to karate. We found out that if we leave IN FRONT of Mia, and she can wave “bye-bye” she is okay. When she wakes up from a nap and we are gone, she freaks out. John said she screamed for an hour solid. We came home early from karate that night to try to settle her down. Wednesday was karate again for Owen, so John decided that we should all go as a family because I will have to take all three kids every Monday with me, and this would give her an idea of what was happening. This karate time went MUCH better.

Thursday was John’s first day back to work and Mia was not happy to see Daddy go. I ended up bringing her to KCU in the afternoon to see where Daddy goes during the day. We were met like celebrities before we even hit the door to Lusby! Everyone who walked by had to come up and say “hi” to the princess. I know everyone is excited, but you could tell she was overwhelmed.

Thursday evening, our friends, Patrick and Alyssa, came by to bring the kids some presents and see Mia before graduating and moving to Lexington full-time. I wasn’t sure how this would go, but when Mia saw the boys wrestling with Patrick, she jumped right it! She took to Alyssa very quickly as well. It is nice, but also a little worrisome, when your child goes to other people like that. You need to be very careful in these early stages about bonding and not confusing your child. I think she was comfortable because we were in our own home and she saw how the boys acted first. The visit wasn’t long, but everyone had fun.

Friday was the first day for just Mia and Mama together. She screamed and cried when all three of her favorite guys had to leave home that morning for school and work. It was wonderful to put out a prayer request on Facebook and see so many people jump in and pray for us that morning! Thank you! Eventually, she calmed down and we had a nice day together, but she was VERY happy to get everyone back together that afternoon.

Friday night, around bedtime, our siblings and nephews arrived to see the princess. Mia was a little reserved at first, but she warmed up a little more over time. By bedtime, she gave high fives and hugged her cousins. This morning, they all played like they had known each other forever.

We have talked about this for so long. I realize that WE are not the only ones excited about our new daughter. Our family has been waiting and praying for a long time, too! When you have a family as close as ours, everyone is impacted! For those who may not know, my sister and I married brothers. There are no other siblings in our family, so our kids are double cousins! John and Nate’s father passed away when they were 11 and 16. We all had been married with kids when we lost my Mom in 2010 and then my Dad in 2012. Our family has been through A LOT. Both sets of parents ended up being close friends with one another and we took summer vacations together each year. My in-laws still go to holidays with my Mom’s extended family. Yes, we are THAT close. So, of course, adding our first princess to the world of four boys has been something everyone is excited about.

As it is Mother’s Day weekend, I am so glad to have my sister here with me. She was the one who stayed up and talked with me each day while we were in China. She let me vent and cry and talk her ear off! We have now spent 6 Mother’s Days without our Mom, and tomorrow will be the 7th. It is hard. It’s not what we planned at all. So many days we wish we could call her up or have her see our kids and how they have grown. Mom would be so proud of each of them, and just be absolutely tickled with Mia! My Mom was a girly-girl if there ever was one! She would be buying up the stores in pink and tulle and lace for her granddaughter. I am so glad that we had the example of our parents. I only hope to be half the mom that she was to me. She gave me the hard truth, even when I didn’t want to hear it. Her love was undeniable. Her witness for Christ was ever-present. I am not always like my Mom, but if I am ever found to be hospitable, graceful, kind, loving, patient, or generous, it is because of her.


This Mother’s Day will be different. It is a Mother’s Day that I have dreamed of for two decades. My little girl is HOME from China. We look nothing alike, but she is undoubtedly OURS. God made her PERFECTLY for our family and none other. There are so many times John and I look at each other in amazement. It’s like she’s always been a part of us. We are so blessed to be parents to Owen, Camden, and Mia. I thank God every time I think of you, Owen Michael, Camden Christian, and Mia Luoshu! You are perfectly created by the Master of the Universe and dearly loved. We are so grateful to have been called to be your parents!!! God is so good. Happy Mother’s Day!

Here are my presents from my boys this year:

Owen’s paper says,

“My mother should be chosen for Mother of the year because she is nice. She makes new recipes that my Nana gives her. My favorite is her apple pie. It is the best! My mom went to China and got me and my brother a sister. Her name is Mia and she is funny! This is why my mom should be chosen “Mother of the year.” –Owen




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