Many Thanks to YOU! Financial Update

I have been needing to make this post for several days now. We are officially 9 days away from leaving the USA and traveling to China to get our daughter. In two weeks from today, Mia will be in our arms forever!

It’s hard to believe that we are finally to this point! It was a year ago this past weekend that we were accepted by our agency and so began the paperwork process. We thought we would have to wait at least 18-24 months to get matched after completing our dossier. We logged in our dossier on November 23 and were matched on November 30. SEVEN days!

So here we are. I would like to say that we are packing, double-checking lists, and calmly waiting until the day we leave, but that is just not so.

This past weekend, I ran my 13th half marathon in Lexington, KY. I came home to prepare for our kids’ spring break week off of school and surprise them with an overnight getaway as our last family of four adventure. When we return home, we will have one week to get ready, have our money everywhere it needs to go, make lists for John’s mom as she will be watching the boys, and pack to leave as two and come home three. Oh, and did I mention, I will be running my second full marathon this coming weekend? Oh yes, so please subtract two more days from that week to get ready. I will run 26.2 miles on Sunday, drive four hours home that same day, and leave on Wednesday for China.

I guess you could say that life in the Harvey house is a bit of a whirlwind. We will be receiving our final travel packet of information from our agency any day now. We still haven’t begun to pack, and honestly haven’t even ordered a few little things we need, or bought medicines to bring with us. But, it will come.

Over the last few weeks, we have promoted the opportunity for you, our friends, to get involved in adoption by donating to a matching grant fund set up for our family through LifeSong for Orphans. This amazing organization gave us a $3,000.00 matching grant to help bring Mia home. Well, friends, we are SO incredibly thankful for each and every one of you. So many of you prayed us through this process. Many of you generously donated to our remaining expenses through this fund and other previous fundraising efforts.


Because of YOU, we were sent a check from LifeSong over the weekend. Our goal was $6,000.00. We opened up that envelope: $6,836.00!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

I really can’t express the emotion that comes with this blessing. God asked us to TRUST HIM, and we had NO CLUE how He would provide, but we always knew He would.

As a child, that faith was instilled in me. My family never had much, but God always provided for our needs. My parents always gave HIM the glory when things worked out. It was never anything WE did, always God. I know that God uses other people to bless us, which makes it all the more meaningful to us. So many of you are part of HER story. You are part of our FAMILY’S story. YOU have allowed our family to be blessed by a child and to be able to share the love of God with her and raise her to know that she is cherished and beautiful and a child of the King. THANK YOU for that opportunity.

All of this to say, while we haven’t received the final figures yet, we do believe that with this grant, the remainder of our savings, and the last of our Mia fund, we will be able to complete the adoption and travel to bring her home without debt!!!! PRAISE GOD!

Many have recently asked how they can help us. What do we need? I think we will know a better answer to that once we arrive back home with her, but for now, continue to PRAY FOR BONDING. Pray for safety. Pray for good health and REST during our trip.

In addition to prayers, please be patient with us as we adjust and grow into being a family of five. We may not be out and about right away with her. We do not plan to have babysitters or leave her with anyone else for quite some time. We also cannot have other people holding, cuddling, or feeding her at first. Please allow us to have the bonding time that we need with her and help her to understand how the family system works. It may take time to develop that trust, safety, and security that our biological children are simply born with. Please do not be offended if we don’t take you up on visits/babysitting/playdates for a while. She will have a lifetime of those social opportunities, but when we first arrive home, and until we feel ready, we need to protect that relationship that we are trying to create with her at this time.

Again, we are so thankful. So grateful. So blessed. Thank you for your financial support. Thank you for continuing with prayer support. Thank you for understanding the growing process our family is about to go through. We love you, dear family and friends. We are so very excited to have you with us on this journey!


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