Travel Approval!


Wow! What a week it has been! First of all, since the update with pictures, we heard our Article 5 drop off had been “picked up” on Monday, March 21st from the US Embassy in Guangzhou and Express Mailed to the FINAL STOP in our adoption process! Hooray for the end of paperwork!!! Well, the end up paperwork until we have her in our arms. 😉


Article 5 pick up means that the next step in the process is TA or Travel Approval. TA gives us a few date options of when we can leave and sets a Consulate Appointment date while we are there. This is what the travel dates will be based around. Usually, TA comes about 2 weeks after Article 5 pick up, but we noticed many families from our agency were receiving them earlier.

Tuesday, we received our visas back from the Embassy in Washington, D.C. These had been sent off and cared for by a the same courier service who took care of our dossier paperwork in D.C. John and I need to obtain visas in our passports in order to enter China. I had to go through the same process when I went there in 2012. It was so good to have our passports and visas back safe and sound…and all ready to go!


Thursday, March 24, we were greatly surprised…soft TA came through in our email!

“Great news!  We received a soft copy Travel Approval (TA) for your child(ren) today!  This is amazing news! Please thoroughly review the possible travel dates below and let us know via email as soon as possible if all of the possible travel dates will work for your family.”

I couldn’t believe it! Only 3 days after Article 5 pick up? Wow! Since we had been talking for some time now about our ideal date to leave, I immediately emailed back with our request to take the April 13th date. Then, we just had to wait for the CA (Consulate Appointment) to be set and we would have “Hard TA” emailed to us with more instructions about travel arrangements.

This afternoon, I checked my email again…



“Great news!  We just received your Consulate appointment confirmation!  Your group’s Consulate appointment is confirmed for 4/27/2016.

Based on this Consulate appointment date and the adoption schedule in the local province, CCAI asks that you arrive in Beijing on, or before, 4/14/2016.”

Is God GOOD or what?? We are just THRILLED! He set the date in our hearts and now it is really REAL!!! We will be meeting our daughter and forever celebrating “Gotcha Day” on April 18, 2016!!!! It STILL doesn’t seem real!

It’s just amazing to see how this all plays out. John and I started dating on April 17, 1999. And now, 17 years later, almost to the day, we will finally be holding our daughter on the other side of the world. Overwhelmed. Amazed. Blessed.

Dear Mia,

My heart is just FLOODED with JOY! Mommy and Daddy are coming SOON!!!! It has been such a long journey, but we KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that YOU, sweet girl, are worth EVERY single step! We are counting down the days till we can hold you and kiss you forever. You are SO loved!!! Your brothers talk about you and pray for you daily. They CANNOT WAIT to hug you and love on you, too! Camden said he can’t wait to hear you talk! Your room is waiting and made up for the princess you are. YOU are a child of the KING and forever loved and treasured. Hold on, precious one. We are coming soon!


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