As a momma, can you imagine only having 7 very similar pictures of your kiddo? Can you imagine those pictures already being 3 months old when you received them? Now, wait another 3 months before you get to see her face again….Can’t do it? That has been our story of Mia to this point.

On November 30, 2015, we were matched with our beautiful daughter. We were given a handful of pictures, all taken the same day in the same outfit, taken back in September when she was just over two years old. We were fortunate to also receive a short video of her playing in her orphanage and we captured another picture of her from that video. That is all we have had for months. Some have asked me why I post the same things all the time. Well, that is all we have had!!!

We were given the opportunity early in February to ask five questions about our daughter, knowing that they may or may not be answered by her orphanage. We also knew we may or may not receive an updated picture and measurements. We prayed and pondered over what five questions we should ask about our child’s life…a life of which we have already missed 2.5 years! (We also sent a care package back at Christmas time and still have no idea if she received it or if she will have the things in it when we get her.)

Needless to say, there is a LOT of hoping and praying and waiting in this process.

When other adoptive parents had already received updates and we had not, I was getting anxious. I wanted to see my baby girl. I wanted to know she was okay. Others in our agency group were praying for us as well, as they understand this momma’s hurting heart. On March 10th, I couldn’t wait any longer. I called our agency to see if they thought we had ANY hope of an update. We do plan to travel in a month, but just a little update would help to carry us through until then. After a short hold on the phone, they said they DID just receive an update!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! I called John right away and told him to be on the lookout, too.

After getting Owen from school, I checked my email again. There it was!!! “Update!” I called John at work and asked if he wanted to open it together on the phone or wait till he got home. He couldn’t wait. We read that tiny paragraph update silently, together. Maybe read it twice….maybe three times. Then….we opened the picture files. Only two pictures. She is wearing a BIG coat, but THERE SHE IS!!!!!

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I couldn’t believe it! She had grown SO SO much over six month! The update has metric measurements, of course, so I quickly converted them to find out she is 30lbs and 35in tall! So, much more like a three-year-old than a two-year-old. She will turn three in August, so I guess we better get some more 3T and 4T clothes ready!

The update says she is in good health and normal development. Her speech is good and she can say short sentences and many phrases. She is potty trained and does not use diapers. (I’m keeping an open mind here, but YAY!!!) She is extroverted and affectionate. Holding her or giving her some foods will calm her when she is upset (pretty common, actually). There were no items with her when she was found. (This part breaks my heart.) Her first words were “drink milk.” She sleeps in a crib next to her caretaker. She sleeps 8pm-6am and naps 11:40am-2pm!

So, so many good things in this tiny report! It’s not much, but it is enough for this momma to hold onto until we see her soon!!!

Continue to pray for her and for us as we prepare and get everything ready to be a family of FIVE!!!! We are painting her room this weekend. I bought a few things for the room with Camden yesterday. He had to show EVERYONE his little sister! “Mom, can I have your phone to show them Sister?” Of course! Everyone here is a-buzz with excitement. Not much longer now, sweet girl! We are coming soon!

MISS MIA(1).jpg


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