A Surprise Phone Call…


Right now we are in the midst of the waiting game. Adoptive parents say this is the hardest part. I didn’t believe them. Turns out, they are right. My heart has been extremely heavy lately, as I look at Mia’s face on my phone throughout the day, knowing that I still have to wait longer to hold her in my arms. Some moments are easier than others. But this week, I was feeling a heavy burden that was just not being lifted.

Thankfully, God knows our needs, even before we really understand them ourselves. I got a message today from a friend who is literally like a sister to me. She was asking for prayer for a few things that she was facing today. Of course, I replied that I would be taking those things to the throne of God on her behalf. Then, she asked me if there was anything SHE could pray about for ME. Then, staring at my phone, my eyes welled with tears as I thought about my daughter…halfway around the world. I miss her. I have yet to even meet her, but my heart is just longing to be with hers. It’s a very difficult feeling to describe, but I tried my best over messenger to explain to this sweet friend the pain I was feeling in that moment.

Not only am I feeling the void of one of my children being far away from me, but I have been struggling with the fact that we do not have all our funds raised to bring Mia home. This is a touchy subject for me because it exposes my pride. I know in my head that God will not bring us all this way to leave us in a financial bind. I KNOW that there is a reason for this trial of patience, which I am despising at the moment. But, when we received a letter of rejection for a grant this past week, I had that moment where I wondered if we would have to take out a loan to bring Mia home. Don’t get me wrong, we will do whatever it takes to have her with us as soon as possible, but I feel this obligation to take care of her through whatever means WE can do without going into debt. There’s that pride part of me. We had also received a letter from Show Hope saying that our application for a grant was received and it would take 8-10 weeks to review. So, never say never, right? But, yet, I had moments of sadness and date I say, doubt.

Okay, so at this point, you are saying, “Just get to it already!” So, here I go…

This afternoon, mere hours after my little conversation with my friend, I received a call from a Tennessee number. I was unable to answer it, but I figured it was Show Hope’s offices calling to ask for additional information for our application. Turns out, it was nothing of the sort.

Remember our story about our relationship with Show Hope? This is an organization that cares for orphans through special needs care centers around China and through providing adoption grants for waiting families. Check out www.showhope.org for more info. We have been monthly sponsors for this organization for years, and I was able to visit their first care center called Maria’s Big House of Hope in the summer of 2012. This is where I fell in love with orphans with special needs. Then, I ran the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon as a Show Hope advocate, raising over $3,800.00 to help another family bring home their son. We asked our agency to be matched with a child from the Henan province, knowing that if she was from there, she likely had been cared for by Maria’s Big House of Hope at one point or another. And, as it turns out, Mia WAS at Maria’s for a short time before her surgery in 2014! (Another God-thing, right?)

Back to the phone call…

I got on the phone and a sweet lady named Kathy asked if we could do her a favor.


“We are looking to raise more funds for Show Hope through a campaign program and we have chose over a dozen families to spotlight during this campaign, so that other people will be able to see the faces of those for whom we are trying to provide funding. Would your family like to be featured during this campaign?”

“Um, oh my goodness, YES!” (At this point, I was already crying…)

“Our other thought was that since you all live fairly close to Nashville, would it be okay if we sent a small crew up to your house to shoot a video on your family’s story?”

“What? Absolutely!”

“Someone will be in contact with you soon and set up a time to do it, but your family’s story will be on the Show Hope website by the beginning of April.”

Wow. I just continued to cry. God is SO GOOD! I tried to explain to her through the tears how THOSE STORIES that Show Hope has done about their waiting families….THOSE STORIES have given me HOPE through all these years. Hope that maybe someday WE could be one of those waiting families. Not even a family featured in a video, but just a family ABLE to ADOPT! Now, we can have our story told to inspire others to give and help MORE families bring their children home! Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe it.

She and I talked on the phone for almost 30 minutes. We talked a little bit about our family, her adopted daughter, our love for charitable organizations and giving and setting the example for our children. At one point, I said, “I LOVE Show Hope!” and she replied, “I know! I’ve read your story!”

So, more than notoriety, our family is getting the opportunity to support this organization we love and hopefully inspire others to become long-term sponsors as well. Kathy made sure I heard her heart:

“We need to do this campaign to increase our funds so we can help more families like yours. At this point in time, we don’t know how much we will be able to give you, but our desire is to give each family a $5,000.00 grant. What this means is, you ARE getting a grant from Show Hope, we just don’t know the exact amount at this point.”

“Wow….” (more tears)

So the point of this whole story is to share our joy, to raise awareness for this amazing organization, and to give you an update of what is to come. Our family is being featured in a Show Hope video!

GuoLuoShu (3)

We’re coming for you, Mia! Mommy and Daddy and your brothers love you beyond what words can say!! God is opening every single door, baby girl! May you feel His love surrounding you always…


2 thoughts on “A Surprise Phone Call…

  1. It’s definitely a God thing Rachel! It will be exciting for others to see & “meet” your little family! May God continue to bless you in miraculous ways while you wait for Mia!!!


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