Here She Is!!!

It is with great joy that I introduce to you, Mia Luoshu Harvey!


Wow! It is hard to believe that after so much prayer, so much waiting, we have a BEAUTIFUL face and NAME for our daughter!

GuoLuoShu (3)

What’s in a name? If you have followed us on Facebook, you know that we have been struggling with finding the right name for her. It is different when you actually SEE her face. She doesn’t LOOK like some of the names we originally liked, and it is important to us that she keeps her Chinese heritage. Both of our boys have middle names from family members. It is only fitting that her Chinese name be used as her middle name. Guo Luo Shu is her full name, and it is very common for Chinese children to be given the last two parts as a middle name. After speaking with a Chinese American from our agency, we had great peace about her middle name being Luoshu. Shu means “kind, gentle, beautiful.” Luo is from her city, Luonang.

It was important to us that her first name mean something. As we considered many options, family names, and all the “rules” we had for our first two children, one name defied the rules and stuck with us anyway: Mia. Why did this one stick? The meaning: “wished-for child.” It’s just PERFECT.


So, Mia Luoshu Harvey is our daughter! Don’t ya just wanna squeeze her?

GuoLuoShu (2)

If you have been following our story, you know that this process has not been only since our agency acceptance on April 2, 2015. This adoption has been in my heart since I was 12 years old. It was then, that I knew I wanted to adopt a little girl from China someday. So, for 20 years, not only has God kept that desire in my heart, but He has fueled it and allowed that same passion to come into John’s heart as well.

Before we got married, we talked about adoption. Before we had our first son, Owen, we REALLY talked about adoption. And after our second son, Camden, we knew we had to start doing SOMETHING for orphans, even if we could not financially afford to adopt ourselves. We became Show Hope sponsors, and give to help orphans in special needs care centers and help families bring home their children through adoption grants. Check out for more information on this amazing organization. My heart was pulled towards this so much that I applied to go on a Show Hope Sponsor Trip in August 2012. That trip not only opened my eyes to the needs of orphans across the world, but also burdened my heart for kids with special needs.

While I was in China, I face-timed John and told him, “We need to start praying about adopting a child with special needs.” He said, “Okay.” That was the end of that. When I returned home, there really was no discussion. Our hearts were prepared and we agreed to someday pursue adopting such a child. The children I met were amazing. All they needed were families to take them in. Some had had surgeries to correct their needs, others were still waiting. All of them deserved love and a family.


When my Dad was fighting cancer and very very ill, I took the time to talk to him again about our idea of adopting from China. He knew it was always on my heart, but because I loved my Dad so much, I felt I needed to hear that I had his blessing in pursuing this adventure. What many people do not know is that my parents had talked about adopting from foster care while I was in middle school. They were serious about it, took parenting classes, and made sure that my sister and I were okay with adding to our family. Circumstances changed, and our family never did adopt from foster care, but I knew my parents always had a heart for adoption.

See, I needed my Dad’s blessing because I knew that we did not have much time together. He had set his affairs in order, and the savings my parents had worked so hard to build would never be used by them. He did not want my sister and I to spent it on things that don’t matter. Don’t spend it on this that will rust and be gone in a minute. I heard him loud and clear. So, with a deep breath, I approached him about our plan for international adoption. And with tears in my eyes, I listened to my Dad tell me what an amazing thing that would be. He was emotional because he knew he would never get to meet our child on this earth, but affirmed his love for us and our family and said that we had his blessing to pursue this dream.


As we finally began this process of adoption, I knew how much money it would require. We had saved up. We had planned. But, still, as I crunched the numbers, the documents ended up taking more money that we initially thought. The market played a number on our investments. Things happen. So, I felt discouraged. I felt as though we had somehow failed. We wanted to be able to bring home our daughter all on our own. But as we took a look at everything, we realized it wasn’t going to be possible without reaching out for help. We are currently applying for grants, though many of those take weeks or months to get approval/denial. In the meantime, we wait for our LOA (Letter of Acceptance) from China, and will owe more money at that time. Our travel will hopefully be in the next six months or so.

12334279_10153159524731781_1043906491_oThe idea of fundraising is a tricky one. Not everyone agrees that we should ask anyone for help in getting our daughter home. Some believe that it makes adoption into a “charity case.” We have wrestled with this for sure. But, all I can think of is there is an army of friends and family out there who have committed to praying for our family. They have committed to praying specifically for our daughter. And sometimes when others echo our passion,  they ask how they can help us. While we don’t know what size she will wear, and we don’t know exactly what we will need in physical items, we DO know that we still need funds to bring her home. So, what we are offering is an opportunity for you to get involved.

First, please please PRAY about this. If you feel that God is leading you to give financially, we have created a way to do that through This is a site that allows online donations and is safe and secure. We are able to retrieve these funds as we need for our adoption and travel expenses. If you do not feel as though you are wanting or able to contribute, please consider praying for our family over these next few months of waiting. Every prayer, every dollar, is greatly appreciated. Your love and support mean the world to us.


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