Big News November

Wow, it’s been a HUGE month for our family. We spent much of it chasing down the last bit of paperwork for our dossier to be absolutely completely complete! Our agency reviewed all the information and made sure it was perfect before sending it off to China for approval from the CCCWA.

November 24th I checked my e-mail to see that I had missed a VERY important one from the day before. 11/23/2015 we were officially Logged-In as an acceptable family for an adopted child from China! This LID (log-in date) is another HUGE milestone in the process. Yes, tears of joy were shed all day, every time I talked about it! I couldn’t believe that the dossier was finally DONE.

We were one step closer to our daughter!


This “high” came right before our Thanksgiving break, so we just road on cloud nine all the way to visiting family and friends. What an amazing feeling to know that we just needed to wait to be matched!

The same day I posted in our CCAI family facebook group about our LID, another person posted a similar timeline and said that they were LID about the same date last year and matched a month later! How cool would THAT be? So, I just kept thinking about what our timeline could be and a summer “gotcha day” actually seemed doable! (For some reason, when we started this entire process, I just kept thinking MAYBE we would travel the following summer. I still don’t know what our EXACT time frame is, but summer has stuck in my head.)

After our busy week of traveling, and Camden coming down with a bad cough and low fever, I was busy today with catching up with things at home and taking Camden to the doctor. Then, we picked up Owen from school and pulled into the driveway.

The phone rang.

It was from Colorado.

We don’t know anyone from Colorado, but our agency is there.

I answered it. I listened as the sweet lady on the other end said they had a match for us, and a file if we wanted to review it! WHAT? It’s only been ONE WEEK since LID!! Wow! So, of course I listened. I said YES, send us everything! Then, I told the boys what was happening and called John right away. We had homework to do, karate to get to, groceries to put away, but for that moment, the boys and I rushed to the computer to see the email file that was just sent from the agency.

We saw her face.

Oh, that face!

Then, there was a short video attached as well. We must have watched it 20 times before we REALLY had to put groceries away and get things started before leaving for karate. The kids just kept saying how cute their sister is!!!

It’s a weird feeling when you think you might finally be seeing your daughter. Your daughter who is on the other side of the world. She looks nothing like us, but yet, she looks like she fits PERFECTLY into our family.

So what is next?

Next, we take her file to our pediatrician for his review tomorrow. We have a VERY tight time frame. We needed to email back within 24 hours if we want to have the three days to review her file. Of course, we sent that confirmation this evening. Her file is brand new. No other family has been asked to review it yet, and the agency only has three weeks to place an LID-only child (which she is) with a family before her file needs to be sent back. So, we have three days. Crazy, right?

As of now, we cannot post any personal details about her in any online format, so when we are able to, we will share our joy with you, our family and friends.

After we “accept” her file, we will write a Letter of Intent (LOI) for her. Then, we wait for a Letter of Acceptance (LOA). This could take some time. There are more forms and documents that will be involved before we can make travel arrangements. BUT–now we finally have a FACE! (Yes, we are working on a name, too.)

Please continue to pray for our family and for our daughter on the other side of the world. God is SO GOOD and SO FAITHFUL and He is holding her in His hands RIGHT NOW. We are truly blessed.



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