Now What?

Over the weekend, we had our last pre-placement home study visit. We went out to Lexington area again and met with our social worker. We gave her a few more documents, discussed our parent training lessons and what we learned, and talked about our own parenting style. Everything felt relaxed, and I love the fact that our social worker really cares about us and wants the best for our family and for our adopted child. So if you are adopting or considering adopting, don’t give in to those stereotypes of the white-gloved home study visits. These people are here to help you get through the process and prepare you as much as possible for your new life change.

As far as paperwork goes, our worker will write up the home study report over the next week or two and send it to the agency and to us for review. Then, it will become a permanent part of our dossier, which is sent to China. We are only waiting on one document from a state level, the completed home study report, and the I-800A (immigration approval) for the dossier to be completed and sent to the Chinese consulate in Washington, D.C. ALMOST THERE!!!! After D.C. it will get sent to China for approval and then we wait for our LID (logged in date). THEN the waiting really begins. We will wait to be matched.


In the meantime, we can start to apply for grants and start to fund-raise. We were given a list of organizations for grants and what they might require. So, if anyone has further suggestions of grant opportunities, please let us know. If anyone is interested in hosting a fundraiser through their business, like Thirty-One or Premier or Pampered Chef, or others, please let us know that as well. We are also considering a t-shirt fundraiser or something like that.


It is exciting to see this process evolving. But there are times where my heart seeks silence to just take it all in. During this last visit, we needed to retell stories of our childhood; how we were raised, things we would do the same and different from our parents, etc. Of course, I wish my parents could be here with us, praying us through and supporting us through this process. But, I know that God ordained all these things with purpose. I know that I was truly blessed with amazing parents who loved me beyond what I deserved. I was raised with humility, integrity, passion, and love. My parents left a boundless legacy of Christian love and service to others. Paying it forward is the only way I know to honor that legacy. I strive to be more like Jesus, just as they taught and displayed for me. I fail so many times. So many things I wish I could take back as a parent. So many times I chose impatience instead of mercy. I ask for forgiveness more often than I care to admit. But even in those failings, I feel blessed to have that example played out in my life. I was raised to know the Truth. My parents demonstrated love every single day. To each other. To us. To other people.


So dearest Zhen, wherever you are, around the world in a far-off land…know you are loved. You are treasured. And this is not of your parents’ own doing. It is because Christ first loved us. And He loves YOU, sweet girl. Your Nana and Papa would love you endlessly, but since they cannot be here to hug you and kiss you in person, Mommy and Daddy will tell you all about them and teach you in the same way. I pray you learn those same¬†¬† lessons that we were taught and take them to heart. I pray that even though you were born in a different country, you will take on this legacy of love as your own. I love you, sweet girl. And I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.