Step One…


The first step in the adoption journey is getting connected with an agency. We had heard of CCAI through a few other families I had met while I was in China, and after much prayer, I felt that God was leading us in that direction. We inquired for information in December 2014, and by the time we were packing for the marathon in January, our application packet had arrived. We waited until taxes were ready and then we used our up-to-date financial information to fill out the application.

Part of our many years delaying this process was due to the fact that we knew China has financial requirements for all adoptive families. In addition to assets, each family must have a certain amount of annual income in order to adopt. We had never had the amount necessary, so we never even tried. However, recently the requirements have been relaxed some, based on cost of living in the applicants’ area. This was our “green light.” Living in eastern Kentucky is nice because the cost of living is lower, but that also means salaries in this area are lower.

We carefully and prayerfully filled out the application packet. We sent it in, with our non-refundable application fee, knowing it was a 50-50 chance of being accepted. Ten days later we received the e-mail from CCAI, and all I saw was “CONGRATULATIONS!” Oh, the tears flowed!

We were thrilled to get another step forward, but soon a second e-mail followed reminding us that CCAI accepted us, but we still do not meet the financial requirements set by China. This means that later on in the process, China has the right to refuse us permission to adopt. The news kept us grounded amidst the excitement we were feeling, but we remain confident that God is opening the doors, one at a time. We have to sign a waiver saying that we understand that we could be denied by China, and none of our process is refundable. Faith. Sheer faith. One step at a time.

On Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Glorious Unfolding” album, there is a song that says, “Take another step…take another step…trust God and take another step.” This is our theme in this journey. Trust. Faith. One more step.


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